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You got 365 reasons to get up. You got 365 reasons to get your GR!ND on. You got 365 reasons to GET ON YOUR GR!ND. And when you do … make sure you GR!ND HARD. Real HARD! You have 365 days a year to come a step closer to that dream that keeps you awake. Look around you! It’s a war outside you don’t have to fight in yourself. Listen to your innner voice. Listen to your gut feeling. It’s like a roadmap on your journey becoming aware of self. Don’t sleep, Wake up and shake up your spirit. The clock taps and time is running. It does not wait for you and me. Today is given, but tomorrow ain’t promised. So find out what your calling is and react with an answer. You are destined to make something out of nothing. Just because you can! Remember … You owe it to yourself. You owe it to life. Use your talents to your full potential and shock the world with the outcome. You’ll be surprised what your bigger version has in line for you. Never doubt your gut feeling, it always shows you the way. Nothing has to go by force. Always by choice. You owe the right to go left when you need to go straight. But it does not matter which way you are heading to, as long as you are going. Keep the force with you, but don’t force anything, there’s no need to, let it go naturally. Always keep in mind, it’s a Marathon and not a sprint! You got this! Keep GR!NDING. 365/24-7. @365degreez

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