365 Celebrities in 365 Cities Worldwide. 365 DEGREEZ Clothing is established in 2017. In three years we managed to sell our apparel to people all over the world. One of our goals is to have 365 individuals in just one city wearing at least one piece of clothing or having at least one pair of tech-handgloves, a bandana or a keyring in their possession representing our brand.

Mind only in one city. Just One. Now imagine what impact that will make on the masses if they see our 365 Celebs representing their DAILY GRIND with our clothing on. Wearing it with a big smile and with pride, just because they love the story behind this concept.

Now multiply those 365 Celebs times 365 Cities Worldwide carrying out our message with a conviction. Tell us what you think that will happen? Will it move you to, to be part of this movement or will you stay ahead and be one of the first ones to cop our latest collection? Make a choice it’s never too late and most of all never ever by force.

Now that we already got your attention take a look below and see which people went before you. At least the ones who sent us a photograph. For some this may not be necessary as they prefer to avoid the spotlight. And we respect and understand that.

We are not a brand for one. We are a brand for all. (White background)


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